To comic or not to comic…

While RP is on hiatus and it’s only the second day. I feel so strangely on edge. This is how every hiatus for every RP has felt for me, but with the prospect of this one starting up again, I’m afraid to try moving on to other projects.

I can’t get the nagging of my old story away from me. It really wants to be written and worked on and drawn and basically told to everyone. A while ago, I said I had made it too complicated, I tried inserting romance because I thought you had to have it. Well no, you don’t, and I won’t, so in the process of getting back to business without the useless romance angle in mind, I ran into other problems.

Those problems led to more problems led to even more problems. The more I think about it, the more I think I need to give up on it. I love this story, I have worked on it on and off for over a decade, it’s time I did something or shut up about it. Or re-purpose it.

I’m not as good at words as I am pictures and I’m not as good at comics as I am writing. It’s a delicate line of thinking but I’d rather be better at comics than writing, though I need to be better at writing to get this comic going. You see my problem?

Time and time again I’ve heard people say, “Just do it. You’ll get better as you go.” But what about doing it justice? This baby has grown into a teenager, finally being seen as an individual, but realizing, “Wow, my childhood sucked.” To which I’d say, “I wish I had planned better while you were a fetus.” So that’s what it is still. It’s a 13-year-old fetus, stunted growth and deformed limbs and malnourished but overflowing with hope and prospect and potential.

How do I know the next step?

  1. ringratkai answered: Yo, this is a great opportunity for you to try something different for a while. If you can’t come back to RP or aren’t interested, its ok.
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